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From bridge building and general construction to shipping and marine applications, winches can be tailor-made and customized to handle just about any job. A custom or refurbished winch can be used for a myriad of purposes and industries, and HOSS WINCH CO. is here to cater to this growing demand. The company is a new division of one of the country’s leading maritime brokers, focused on refurbishing and customizing winches, as well selling new and used winches and hoists.

Hydraulic winches are one of HOSS Winch Co. LLC’s trademark products. This is a piece of special equipment that’s perfect for heavy-duty usage in the maritime sector, especially for hauling, anchoring, lifting, and towing. Unlike the traditional gear driven winch, a winch inclusive of hydraulic systems delivers a 100% duty cycle, and can be used for an extended time without overheating.



Power Packs and Winches

Diesel Hydraulic Power Pack (DHPU) by PROMOTOR – 4 pieces

35 Ton Double Drum Hydraulic Mooring Winch by PROMOTOR – 4 pieces

Electric Driven Storage Reel – 8 Pieces

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Braden Winches

Braden AMS20 Winch

45,000LB First Layer Line Pull Hydraulic Drive (includes planetary adapter)

Tested in compliance with SAE Specification J706 


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New Build Winches

HOSS  HD 60 Electric/Hydraulic Skid Mounted Double Drum Winch:


Skid:  48” W  X 120” L  X 72” H

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Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 10.08.36

SMATCO 96-DAW-250 Winch

Deisel-Driven, Double Drum, Waterfall Winch

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Amcom X Winch

Call for more info or to make an offer!

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Screen Shot 2022-12-11 at 12.42.33 PM.png

Clyde 52 Ringer Winch

Draw Works
Complete Winch Set & Swingers
Call (850) 255-5266 Today For More Info! 


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Amcon 385 Winch

AMCON 385 

First layer line pull at stall: 153,630 lbs.

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HBL Anchor Windlass Winch 


Hand Wheel Band Type Brks
Lever operated Jaw clutches
1 1/4'' Double whelps
Double cat heads
Electric or Hydraulic

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Clyde Frame 9 Triple Drum Winches

12V71 GM with Torque Converter (One with less than 200 Hours since Overhaul)


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SMATCO 66 DAW 200 Winch

Call for more info or to make an offer!

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Custom HOSS Winches

Call HOSS for all of your winch needs!

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Misc. Winches

Misc. Winches!
Call for more details: (850) 255-5266



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Fritz Culver Winch

Fritz Culver Winch

Model #:  FOSL-150-SC-1PD-016


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Intercon1 winch.png

Intercon DD-225 Winch

Length Over-All: 170’

Moulded Beam:  28’

Year Built: 2002

Passengers: 78

Classification: ABS ✠ Loadline

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American 480 Winch


Call for more info or to make an offer!

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Skagit G120 Double Drum Waterfall 

120,000 Lb SLP at 1st layer stall
Electric start



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American 550 Double Drum Diesel Waterfall Winches

Call for more info or to make an offer!

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Skagit DMW 150.jpg

Skagit DMW-150 Mooring Winches

Double Side by Side Drums

3250’ of 2” Wire Rope per Drum w/ Levelwind
Air Controls


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Intercon 175 Winch

New 175 Intercon Winch 
Single Drum Hydraulic Drive.  
No Hydraulic motors or wire on the drum. 

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American 350 Flatbed Double Drum Winch


Call for more info or to make an offer!

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Getting to Know Winches

Getting to Know Winches and Hoists


Despite their common association with off-road vehicles, winches have broad uses in a variety of industries and fields. From bridge building and general construction to shipping and marine applications, winches can be tailor-made and customized to handle just about any job. 


Many people still ask what a winch is, what types of winches can be purchased, and how winches are often used.


What is a Winch?

Winches are mechanical devices that pull or lift a load. A typical winch is comprised of a rope, cable, or chain wrapped around a rotating drum that is wound by a crank arm or motor. Simple winches are often found mounted to a vehicle to assist with moving vehicles through treacherous terrain.


Common Parts of a Winch


A Cable Wire

This is usually a steel cable or wire. It is used to attach the winch to the load and normally connects to a round center axel (called a “drum”) that is used to wind the wire or cable and prevent binding and/or entanglement.


A Drum

The drum is a circular part that is attached to the cable and rotates to pay in or pay out the cable which is attached to the load.


A Motor

The motor in a winch powers the rotation of the center drum to pay in or pay out the cable. Motors are very common to winches but are not necessary. A motor may be replaced by a hand-powered crank arm or wheel that performs the same function as the motor, rotating the center drum. 


A Gear Train

The gears in a winch convert the work of the motor or the hand-powered crank to the rotation of the drum. They provide the mechanical advantage that lets winches lift heavy objects.


What Separates a Winch from a Hoist?

Typically, a winch pulls a load horizontally while a hoist lifts a load vertically.


With this said, there are some devices that are specifically designed to serve as both a winch and a hoist. In such instances, it is common for the device to have different capacities depending on the type of work being performed (winching or hoisting).


Different Kinds of Winches

Air Winches

Air winches typically handle loads up to 10 tons.

Base mount winch

Base mount winches typically handle loads between 1/2 ton and 300 tons. 


Hydraulic Winches

Hydraulic winches typically handle loads between 1/2 ton and 300 tons.


Winch Configurations

Winches can be configured in a variety of ways such as:

  • Diesel with a torque converter, with or without a multi-speed directional transmission;

  • Diesel/hydraulic drive;

  • Electric direct drive or electric over hydraulic;

  • Hydraulic spud winches.

  • Gear or chain-driven winches


Benefits of Winches

It is important to pick the right tool for the job. There are many types of winches, but some common advantages exist between them. Winches typically use dynamic breaks that make them a good candidate for moving loads the need smooth, consistent force applied.  

Custom Winches or Hoists

We can handle just about any request when it comes to custom hoists or winches. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!


Our Services - About MB Brokerage Co. HOSS Winch Division

The HOSS Winch Division of MB Brokerage Co. works with winches through new builds, refurbishments, and resales. The Company primarily works with marine winches, tow winches, or spud winches.

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