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Freight Brokerage and Logistics

Our Freight Brokerage and Logistics services take away the hassle of finding the right carrier and ensure that your cargo gets to its destination on time.

  • We specialize in barge transportation and logistics on the Inland Waterways.

  • We operate a group of tank barges and open hoppers. 

  • We operate on the Missouri River and service the Kansas City, Omaha and Sioux City markets.

  • We specialize in specialized barge logistics along the Apalachicola, Chattahoochee and Flint River systems.

MB Barge Co also has oversize deck barges to handle any specialized or oversize cargo transportation needs that you you may have!  

Benefits of Using Freight Brokerage and Logistics Services

When it comes to logistics, barges are an often-overlooked mode of transportation. While truck and rail transportation is commonly used and more visible, there’s plenty of evidence to support the benefits of transporting goods across waterways instead of land. Ranging from financial to environmental, there’s a long list of ways barge transportation is a better option.

Ensure delivery of important resources - Barges are also used to move shipments of coal and fuel throughout the waterway system, helping to provide power sources to businesses and homes everywhere.

Economic contribution -  The US tugboat, towboat, and barge industry has a direct impact on 38 states, but all 50 can see economic benefits in one way or another. The water transportation industry creates over 300,000 jobs, moving more than 760 million tons of vital commodities annually.

Reduce Congestion - A single grain barge can carry 12,500 tons of grain while a railroad hopper car can only hold 100 tons of grain and an 18-wheel semi-truck holds just 15 tons. Not only does this reduce the number of vehicles regularly traveling the roadways, but it can also mitigate the risk of costly infrastructure repairs. 

Cost-Efficient - Studies have shown that barge traffic saves around $12 billion in transportations costs and a single barge requires only a gallon of fuel to move one ton of cargo 647 miles.

Environmentally Friendly - Less fuel usage and increased cargo volume capabilities translate into fewer emissions that pollute the air. Waterway systems also mean that urban development isn’t required to create or repair infrastructure, unlike rail or truck transportation. Barges don’t contribute to noise pollution and have minimal impact on surrounding nature.

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Our barge transport services include:

  • Hopper barges

  • Deck barges

  • Ocean-certified barges

  • Specialized barges

  • Domestic and international barge logistics

  • Long term and short term barge leasing

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