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About Our Vessel Brokerage Services

We offer a wide range of services for ship/marine vessel owners, charterers, shipyards, investors, and other maritime brokers. Our services range from ship & marine vessel brokerage; barge charter services; new, rebuilt, & used winch sales; and marine consulting & vessel appraisal services.


We are proud to boast an excellent track record for selling vessels, barges, and winches located in the USA and abroad. We accept exclusive and non-exclusive listings for inland and offshore marine vessels, barges, winches, and associated equipment. When you list your assets exclusively with us, you can feel confident that our strategically- targeted marketing plan will result in a sale.


In addition to personally alerting our professional contacts, we also list your assets with popular trade publications such as Boats & HarborsThe Waterways Journal, and Marine News. But our efforts don’t stop there. We also use blitz marketing, social media and email campaigns to ensure that your asset is visible to qualified potential buyers.

Our rates are reasonable and due only upon the sale of your marine vessel or marine equipment.

Push Boats & Tug Boats

Twin-Screw Inland Tow Boat.jpg

Twin-Screw Inland Tow Boat

Dimensions: 53’ X 22’ X 8.6’

Year Built: 1977

Main Engines: (2) MTU S-60 

Fuel Capacity: 8,000 

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Gladys Ford Push Boat

Year Built : 1970 
Dimensions:100' x 30' x 9.7'

Back on the market for Sale

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2000hp push boat.jpg

2000 HP Push Boat

Year Built: 1953
Dimensions: 83'x26'x7'7''





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110’ Tractor Tug 

Year Built: 2009

Hull Type: Tractor Tug

Dimensions: 110’ x 42’
Accommodations: 6

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Lugger-style Tug Full View.png

Newly refurbished Lugger-style Tug

Built 1997; Refurbished 2019 63.5 x 24’ x 10’ Open Wheel

Main Engines and HP: KTA 19 Cummins @ 450hp each

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Year Built: 2007

Dimensions: 50’ X 22’ X 8’


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2000 HP Push Boat

Year Built: 1975
Dimensions: 66’ X 24’ X 10’ 





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60’ X 26’ X 6.5' Lugger

Main Engines: (2) Cummins KTA-19

Max Horsepower: 1100HP

Dimensions: 60’ X 26’ X 6.5’

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Year Built: 1980 (refurbished 2015)

Dimensions: 62' x 26' x 7.6' 


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New Sub M COI!

Year Built: 1953

Dimensions: 97.4'x:26.8'x12.3'

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ms amy.png

Ms Amy

Year Built: 1981

Hull Type: Aluminium

Dimensions: 65'x24'




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1800 HP Push Boat

Built 1981
66' x 28' x 10'
(2) Mitsubishi Engines
26,000 Fuel Capacity
Accommodations: 6


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k2 tug.jpg


Year Built:    1956

Dimensions: 110’ x 32 x 13’
Accommodations: 7
Passengers: 65


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