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Power Packs and Winches



Diesel Hydraulic Power Pack (DHPU) by PROMOTOR – 4 pieces

Diesel Engine:     120kw@1800rpm      Cummins 6BTA5.9-GM120

Piston Pump:       145ml/r@350bar        Danfoss D1P145RA TPSN S D4 NI

Gear Pump:         22.5ml/r@280bar       Rexroth

Air Cooler             .85kW/ -C@26bar     DEO DELH-9-P

Return Filter:         63oLPM210um

DHPU Working Pressure:  250bar

Hyd. Oil Tank Capacity:    1100 L

Fuel Tank Capacity:           400 L.


The diesel hydraulic power unit is fully integrated with diesel engine, hydraulic pump, coupling, air cooler, hydraulic valve block, hydraulic tank, fuel tank, engine control system, return oil filter, air filter, hydraulic fluid level gauge, frame and other components. The purpose of the DHPU is to supply power to a 35 ton double drum hydraulic mooring winch.

35 Ton Double Drum Hydraulic Mooring Winch by PROMOTOR – 4 pieces


Model:    PM-HDD-35-60

Type:      Double Drum (Side by Side)

Configuration:    2 x Left Hand & 2 x Right Hand.

Power:                Hydraulic.

Rope Direction:  Down Coil – Under Wind.

Warping Head:  One 450mm

Drum Capacity (2):  Dia. 48mm by 150mm Polypropylene Rope 6 layers each drum.

Rated Pull:               37.0Ton x 0-10m/minimum at 1st layer.

31.0Ton x 0-12m/Minimum at 2nd layer.

(Note: Full capacity of 35 ton pull for a single drum operation, but heaving capability will be reduced by approximately half if both drums

Operate simultaneously.)

Drum Brake Hold:    60.0Ton (Static – 1st layer)

Brake Type:              Spring Loaded, hydraulic released.

Control:                     Free standing type adjacent to winch.

Hydraulic Motor:       Sai (Italy).

Control Valve:           Danfoss (Denmark) or Rexroth (Germany) or Sun (USA).

Power Required:      Approximately 90kW

Flow required:          Approximately 140 L/m Pressure required: Approximately 20 Bar.

Weight:                     Approximately 7.5 Ton (Without Rope)

Dimension:               Approximately L1771 x W3633 x H1496mm.

Certification:             3rd Party ABS Witness or similar.

Electric Driven Storage Reel – 8 Pieces

Type:                    Single Drum Reel.

Purpose:              Mooring Rope/Rope Storage Reel.

Drive:                   Electric.

Rope Direction:   Up Coiled, Overwind.

Drum Capacity:   48mm x 600m Polypropylene Rope @ 13 layers.

Rated Pull:           0.5 Ton @ first layer.

Speed:                 60m/min.

Brake Type:          Motor Brake and Lock Pin.

Control:                Local Control Panel, installed on winch.

Electric Motor:     7.5kW, 4 Pole, IP56, 3PH, 415V, 50Hz.

Weight:                Approximately 1.9 Tom (Empty Reel).

Dimensions:        Approximately L1980 x W1574 x H1960mm

Certification:        Manufacturer only.        

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