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Two Ulstein Maritime 230 Hp


> Year Built: 1984

> Dimensions: 42" x 39.55" x 3-blade Manganese Bronze

> Horsepower: 230 HP @ 1800 RPM, 270 HP @ 2100 RPM

> Location: Houma, Louisiana (about 60 miles south/southwest of New Orleans)

> Two identical units except that one is used/rebuilt and the other is new. The used /rebuilt unit does not have engine covers yet. Both have the following details:

> Skid mounted, diesel powered, 360º steerable propulsion unit with tiltable outboard type foot. Power transmission is through a hydraulic clutch and then a belt drive to the stern drive and propeller. Currently set up for raw water heat exchange cooling system.

> MANUFACTURER: Ulstein Maritime, Ltd.

> MODEL NUMBER: L295 7500S (Entire unit weighs about 16,500 lb.)

> BUILT: 2 1984 models , one unit has been completely rebuilt in 2000. Originally built for U.S. Navy.


> CLUTCH: CAPITAL GEARS, Model HY400, ratio 1.00:1 Overall reduction ratio is 3.847:1 that is made up in two stages: -1st reduction of 1.282:1 is done through the belt drive -2nd reduction of 3:1 is done through the lower leg propeller shaft housing.

> PROPELLERS: 42”x39.55”, 3-blade, Manganese Bronze The propeller is housed inside a nozzle similar to a Kortz Nozzle.

> THRUST: Originally designated as “7,500 lb. Thrust”

> DECK-TO-WATERLINE: Distance from the bottom of skid to top of nozzle that houses the propeller is approximately 4’ (This would be the maximum height above the water that the bottom of the skid could be placed and still have the propeller/nozzle unit completely submerged.)

> FUEL: 122 gal / built-in fuel tank mounted fwd of the engine.

> HYDRAULIC OIL: 25 gal / built-in (Same tank as the fuel but a separate compartment that is created by a bulkhead inside the tank.)

> SHIPPING WEIGHT: Reported to be approximately 16,600 lbs.

> LOCATION: Houma, Louisiana (about 60 miles south/southwest of New Orleans)

Price:Reduced from $150k and the price is negotiable!! Price: $85,000-used unit $105,000- new unit

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