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MB3 Steel Tank Barge


> Certificate of Inspection 2

> Specifications

> Certificate of Inspection

> Year Built: 1962

> Hull Type: Double Hull

> Dimensions: 195' x 35' x 12'

> Engine: 6:71 GM Diesel

> Description:

> In Charter Service.

> 1962 Jeffboat built 11,000 BBL volumetric double hull tank barge
> Raked bow and square stern
> Current USCG COI
> In diesel service
> 3 cargo compartments with 1 meter dipsticks
> 4 wing tanks each port and starboard with bow and stern rake voids
> 12LS Byron Jackson deep well pump
> Rebuilt at Bourg, La. with new sides with 3/8” plate and stern window plate using 1/2” plate and new internals. The bottom(3/8”), knuckles(1/2”) and necessary internals were renewed at Acadian Shipyard in early 2000’s. At that time the internals and under the cargo tank including transverse plates, knuckles, and cargo tank external in way of hatches, bow and stern rake bulkheads, and the new plating internally and externally were blasted, primed and top coated with epoxy coating. The remainder of the external cargo tank area in the wing tanks were coated with SealKote protective coating.

This barge pumps out very fast as it has a 12LS BJ pump on it.

It has undergone drydock and internal structural exams with the USCG and will have a fresh certificate issued to show this. This will extend the next drydock due date to 2021 and internal exam to 2016 if operated in fresh water for at least 6 months per year.

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