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Opportunity to own a beautiful, motorized barge and start a new business or add to current business:


For Sale:            

This vessel was designed and build for selling commercial fuel on the waterways. The steel hull was built by 

Bargeworkx Hull 138 and is a purpose built motorized fuel carriage barge delivered in January 2020.


Since then, personal issues, hence the business model and the business group has dissolved and we were looking for a 

new owner.  This motorized barge is 35’ x 12’ x 4’ with three separate watertight compartments, a pair of new Yamaha 90 HP engines, 

elevated control platform, canvas covers, railing, spuds, electronics, LED lighting, integrated fuel tanks for the main engines, and 

more custom features and upgrades throughout.


The vessel can be easily re-purposed as a crane barge or deck barge as the tanks and transfer equipment can be removed 

cleanly in 30 minutes or less. 


The vessel is offered 4 different ways: 

  1. As shown but without fuel carriage tanks for fuel transfer for $190,000

  2. As shown with fuel carriage tanks for $200,000 

  3. As shown, with engineering info and designs requirements by USCG for Full COI with the Coast Guard  for $215,000 

  4. As shown with three 1000 gallon tanks on the deck and upgrade transfer system approved for diesel carriage and full 

COI for retail fuel sales for $295,000 (third tank could be removed and put on land and used as additional storage backup tank




Flexible Platform: Removable Tanks, Convertible to Deck,Crane, Waste Removal Vessel!
Built 2020
32’ x 12’ x 4’
Custom design by Naval Engineer
(2) 90 HP Yamaha outboard engines
Aluminum Control Station/Hand Rails
Twin Batteries
Fire Extinguisher
Paintable Custom Covers!!!
Life Rings and 6 Vests
(6) Bumpers & Ropes
(2) Fuel Tanks holding 1k gallons of fuel each plus extra 1k gallon tank (can be housed on land)
Fuel Pumping System with gas powered engine- Capable of pumping 48 Gallons/Min
Meter with 100’ + fueling hose 
Cut off values for all tanks
(4) Spuds (18’)
USCG requirements statement and engineering designs for COI


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